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What type of jobs do female leg models get?

It’s a question that initially offers an obvious answer – female leg models are used to showcase products or clothing related to legs but can also include buttocks, ankles and feet.

Here we explore what female leg models actually do.

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Want Perfect feet? Female Foot Models Share Their Tips!

Feet can sometimes be a little unsightly and some people can be pretty self-conscious about them. We say no, embrace your uniqueness!

There are a number of ways you can maximise your feet beauty – is that even a phrase? We asked some of our best female foot models to share their maintenance and beauty tips…

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How to become a body parts model?

Body parts models are utilised to create the perfect shot, with emphasis on showcasing the perfect feet, hands, legs and body that are featured in the shot.

If a model is looking to focus on a specific body part, or parts, they have to be as close to perfect as possible. Here we break down the requirements for each body part:

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Do you need to use a specialist hand model agency?

A hand model will have / should have good experience in holding poses for a prolonged amount of time. This may sound easy, but certain shots require certain angles which can cause strain.

A specialist hand model should be able to hold those poses for as long as is required.

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What is the best male hand model agency?

There are quite a few hand model specific agencies in the UK. It is important to go with an established agency. An established agency will have a long list of contacts within the modelling industry.

Connections to photographers and creative directors will have been formed over the years. This is so important, as a good agency will become the ‘go-to’ for those responsible for finding the right model for their specific assignment.

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Choosing the right foot modelling agency

‘Oooh, I love your feet! They are beautiful, perfect!’ Does this sound familiar to you? If you are blessed with great looking feet (we are very jealous!) you may want to consider putting your assets to work.

We’re serious! If you are too, read our blog on how to choose the best agency for you.

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How to become a female hand model

Have you ever been complimented on your hands? Has anyone ever commented about them? There is growing demand for sensational looking hands for use in advertising and product imagery… You could be the next top hand model!

Sounds good, right? But how do you become a male or female hand model?

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