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How to become a female hand model

Have you ever been complimented on your hands? Has anyone ever commented about them? There is growing demand for sensational looking hands for use in advertising and product imagery… You could be the next top hand model!

Sounds good, right? But how do you become a male or female hand model?

Let’s start with your best assets, your hands. A lot of creative directors are looking for long slender fingers, no blemishes on hands or fingers and well-manicured nails. The nails should have perfect half-moons and not too long.

Although we mentioned no blemishes, there is a requirement for hands with freckles and tattoos, so you could land yourself in a niche modelling position.

Male and Female hand model tips

You need to care and protect your hands – turning up to a shoot with a small cut on a finger will be a disaster! Getting down to basics, you need to ensure your hands are clean – really clean. No dirt under nails please, and definitely no stains of any kind.

You need to factor in moisturising too, lots and often. There are some wonderful hand and nail creams out there, so stick with one that you like and continually moisturise though out the day and night.

An SPF cream is recommended too. You really do not want sun damaged skin and a high SPF will provide the protection you need.

Your fingernails can speak volumes about your overall health. If you are deficient in vitamins, your fingernails will often show this. Make sure you are regularly taking the right vitamins for optimum nail health and appearance.

You could consider wearing gloves. The added protection could save a cancelled shoot due to a scrape or cut. You can also apply your moisturiser and then put on gloves for extra softness.

Be Socially Prominent

Every smartphone has a decent camera these days, so take lots of photos of your hands in action and upload the very best to your social channels. Use associated hashtags like #handmodel #handmodelling #femalehandmodel for instance.

Always use good lighting, in focus shots and clean hands! You could try some potential product shots (holding a product in a certain way, or using an item as intended).

Having a good stock of images of your hands on social media could lead to a modelling assignment. It will also be a huge benefit if trying to sign up to an agency specialising in hand modelling (that’s us!).

How easy is hand modelling?

Yes, you might think that this is an easy gig, but some assignments can be lengthy and you may have to hold an awkward pose until the photographer gets that perfect shot. You can prepare yourself here, with some yoga to improve your core strength.

You can also work on holding a heavy item for a long period of time. This will improve your endurance and decrease any shakes which may occur when holding an item for a long time.

Consider also specific finger exercises to make your fingers more nimble and stronger. There are many of these online.

The easiest way to become a male or female hand model

You could try a direct approach, contacting photographers and creative directors yourself, but this is so time-consuming, often with zero results.

The alternative and best way to become a male or female hand model is to get on the books with a model agency that specialises in body parts modelling. BMA Hands is part of well-established model agency BMA Models.

Apply to join our agency and be considered for the numerous assignment requests we receive on a daily basis. You can sign up to be a hand model here.