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The 5 Steps To Getting Signed As A Body Parts Model

The 5 Steps To Getting Signed As A Body Parts Model

Becoming a body parts model in 5 steps?… Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved and how you could start a new career this year!

Step 1 – Identify your strengths

So you want to be a body part model? Which body part? The reason for specific body parts models is they have either a great set of hands, or feet, or legs, or torso and more – yet most do not have the perfect set of all forms of body parts. When you can identify your best assets, you can focus on them.

Step 2 – Enhance your strengths

So you have great hands? Take great care of them! As a body parts model, you should have the very best maintenance routine in place. For a hand model, this would be regular manicures, over the top moisturising (there’s no such thing as too much moisturising!) and maybe wearing gloves – all the time. For a leg model, you may want to tone up in the gym, but be aware of what exercises will do what – you want to tone, not build.

Step 3 – Pose Baby

Strike typical poses that you may be required to hold for a long period. Sounds daft? You try and hold a heavy book in a certain angle for 5 minutes… shaking? All professional body parts models will actively work on poses related to their possible work. By strengthening core muscles, you will be able to hold a pose for much longer, which will allow a photographer to take the shot needed.

Step 4 – Build a portfolio of work

We are all aware of the cost of living so professional photos may be a luxury that cannot be afforded right now, but you can certainly build a portfolio of images that best represent your body part. Pretty much every phone has a camera that will be good enough to use for this purpose. Aim for well lit spaces and ask a friend to take photos of you.

Step 5 – Don’t wait to get scouted

Don’t be shy here, the industry loves to see (well grounded) confidence, so make the first move. If you have the confidence to think you can make it as a body parts model, contact a specialist agency that manages body parts models (that’s us). By going to a reputable agency, you will be able to take advantage of the high demand for models these agencies have.

BMA Hands – Join us!

If you have aspirations to be a body parts model, we want to hear from you. You can apply easily online to join the BMA Models family – we can’t wait to hear from you! Apply here today.