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What it takes to be a professional foot model

What it takes to be a professional foot model

A foot model? A professional foot model?! Really, yes very much really – professional foot models are in huge demand!

Heavily used in advertising campaigns, foot models are used to highlight feet care products, shoes and nail varnish to name a few obvious areas. Campaign directors are turning to professional feet models over standard commercial models as they can be sure the subject will have great looking feet.

That may seem a little bit strange, surely all models have great looking feet? A professional model may have to endure a long stint on a catwalk in shoes that are not broken in and may have an excessively high heel – if they keep having to do this, their feet may suffer from slight disfigurement, cut and red skin and blisters.

A professional foot model on the other hand (or foot) will have been wearing comfortable shoes and cotton socks, leaving no marks or blisters – they will also have prepared their feet with great care and attention, ensuring their feet look the very best – at all times… and this is why professional foot models are in demand.

A foot model will protect their best assets with regular pedicures and a constant foot care regime. Well moisturised, the feet will be as soft and presentable as possible. A lot of foot models will moisturise at night and then wear soft cotton socks in bed to retain the cream and repeat the process after a morning shower. Care and attention is key here and some models have become quite devout regarding this!

A professional foot model will also maintain their feet and legs, especially ankles and calves, with regular exercise. These exercises are not to ‘bulk up’ but to tone down to give the appearance of slim ankles and tight calves. Further strengthening exercises are also required – these are to provide the model with stability and endurance, should they have to hold a particular pose for a long period.

The choice of footwear for a foot model is limited, but only limited with comfort in mind. Heels and tight fitting shoes are not your friend. For some, life without heels is a step too far, but if you are serious about being a professional foot model it is a sacrifice that should be easy enough to make.

Do you have what it takes to be a professional foot model?

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