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What type of jobs do female leg models get?

It’s a question that initially offers an obvious answer – female leg models are used to showcase products or clothing related to legs but can also include buttocks, ankles and feet. Here we explore what female leg models actually do.

Research has revealed that the perfect length for a woman’s legs is 1.4 times the length of her upper body. Now, we are not sure how you really define perfect – beauty should be in the eye of the beholder – but in the modelling world, specifically leg modelling, long legs will get you a long way.

In a nutshell a female leg model will have above average and very photogenic legs. If you receive constant compliments about your legs, you may want to consider a career as a specialist body parts model!

Female leg models: The requirements

Leg models should have long legs that are well toned and free of blemishes. No scars and hairless is a usual requirement, with most creative directors preferring legs to be free of tattoos. Varicose veins and other marks are also a big no.

As well as the aesthetics mentioned, a leg model has to possess both strength and good balance. In a lot of shoots, a leg model will be asked to hold an awkward pose for an extended period of time to ensure the photographer gets the perfect shot.

If you are interested, these 6 exercises from Cosmopolitan certainly help with gaining that strength and balance!

Female leg models: What is expected

There are a number of expected requirements from an agency, the most important being correct maintenance of a leg models assets. Leg models should have a regimented skincare routine, with the end result being smooth and silky legs. Correct exercise to retain firmness (without being overly muscular) is also a requirement.

Some exercises should be avoided to ensure no cuts or bruises, so sorry ladies, Rugby is out… as is skating, skiing and even running. Instead, Yoga and ballet-inspired workouts are popular as they help strengthen and elongate the legs while still looking feminine and elegant.

Looser fitting clothing that doesn’t mark skin should also be considered. Another consideration is exposure to the sun. A healthy tan is good but over exposure should be avoided and SPF lotions should be applied when in the sun.

Most leg models avoid wearing high heels unless they are working. A lot of leg modelling jobs will also feature ankles and feet, so it’s important not to put these areas under too much strain.

So what type of jobs do female leg models get?

There is a huge demand for the right female leg model right now, with assignments ranging from standard products such as shoes to more exotic items such as sun lotions (this is a good gig as the leg models may have to travel somewhere hot!).

Jazmine Dyer

Mostly involved in fashion and cosmetics, leg models are also employed in the fitness industry. Assignments can include commercial advertising for high street brands and catalogues. In the cosmetic sector, there is a regular and repeated request for professional female leg models to showcase moisturising creams and fake tans.

The fashion industry obviously uses a leg model to full extent. Think hosiery and skirts, lingerie and anything else that may involve a bum, leg, knee, ankle or foot.

Could you be a female foot model?

If you have great looking legs, that’s a great start! BMA hands, the UK’s leading body parts specialist agency is always on the lookout for fresh talent. If you are interested, you can apply to be a leg model right now. We look forward to hearing from you!