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What is a body parts model?

What is a body parts model?

In a nutshell a body parts model is used for specific shots using specific parts of their body. There is a growing demand for models with perfect hands, legs and feet – some models will only specialise in one such area exclusively.

A body parts model will simply have perfect and very photogenic hands, legs or feet – or any other body part of which we list below.

The catwalk queens we all know and admire may not have the best feet, so would be redundant for a company that want to advertise their new line in sandals – hello professional foot model!

A body parts model will have a portfolio featuring their best assets. For a photographer or creative director, this makes the job of finding the perfect model a lot easier. If the photographer’s assignment is for a jewellery company, they will be looking for a model with great hands.

A skill required by a body parts model is to hold a specific pose until the perfect shot has been captured. For instance, if you can, right now hold up your right leg, at an angle and unsupported and invert inwards slightly – how long can you hold the pose before the shakes set in?!

As well as hands, legs and feet, there are other areas where a body parts model may be required, such as lips or mouth, eyes, hair and neck. It is essential that the body parts model takes great care with their leading assets, some of which we will outline below.

Hands and feet may require the most care as they are subject to lives daily rigours. Nails should be well manicured, with half moon cuticles on show and both hands and feet should be well moisturised. A good set of wrists and ankles are also important here.

Model Tip! Some of our hands and feet models will regularly apply moisturiser and then wear soft cotton gloves or socks to really retain and maximise hydration.

A leg model will work hard to ensure their legs are well toned without being overly muscular – which can be a fine line to walk – even with great legs… The leg model will also avoid bruising or cuts and nicks to their skin.

Similar to a leg model, a model that specialises in body shots will be well toned with good proportions and be completely blemish free.

A lips or mouth model will be used for toothpaste or lipstick products as an example. Obviously, teeth need to be sparkling white, straight and pleasing to the eye. Lips should be full and scar free.

As we mentioned, body parts modelling is becoming more in demand as photographers and creative directors are realising the true value of getting a specialist in front of the camera – it saves them time and ultimately money.

So what about you? Do you have amazing looking hands or feet? Do your legs go on forever? Have you ever been complimented on a specific part of your body?

Maybe you should consider being a body parts model yourself?! You could be represented by the UKs most forward-thinking modelling agency and be treated as part of the BMA family. BMA Hands is part of BMA Models, one of the UKs most established and respected modelling agencies.

Why not apply to be a body parts model right now? We would love to hear from you.