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How to become a body parts model?

Believe it or not, there are specialist body parts models in the world of modelling, and they are in huge demand. Commercial models look fantastic, often with striking looks helping to enhance commercial ventures and fashion shoots.

We are told ‘no-one is perfect’ and that relates to most models too. Some models, whilst looking amazing, might not have the best-looking feet – cue the professional foot model…

Although a lot of commercial models also do specialist body part shots, there is a need for that ‘ultimate shot’ featuring legs that go on forever… Think a hosiery brand, for instance – and this is where a specialist leg model may get the call.

The same applies for hand modelling, especially for product shots and jewellery. A brand will want to showcase their product in the best possible way, there can be no distractions such as a blemish on the model’s hand.

Body parts models are utilised to create the perfect shot, with emphasis on showcasing the perfect feet, hands, legs and body that are featured in the shot.

Body Parts Model Requirements

If a model is looking to focus on a specific body part, or parts, they have to be as close to perfect as possible. Here we break down the requirements for each body part:

Hands: Long slender fingers with no blemishes or scars anywhere. Nails should not be false and should be well manicured, with half moon cuticles on show. If you are attending a shoot, nails should be free of nail polish. Male hands should have the minimum amount of hair possible.

Legs: Again, no blemishes or scars and no veins on show. Long, slender and smooth is a good starting point. It is always important to maintain a strict skincare routine,

Feet: An agency/photographer/creative director will be looking for even toes that retain symmetry. Well-manicured and well moisturised with attractive ankles are also required.

Body: An even skin tone (no blemishes again!) is required. It does depend on the shoot and assignment, but as a general rule, the body should be firm, toned with some muscle definition.

Lips/Mouth: Think lipstick or toothpaste assignments… Pure white teeth are a must and lips should be free of scarring and, for the most part, full and pout-worthy (definitely a word!).

There are other niche body parts model sectors too, such as hair, neck and eyes. With the above categories, as well as looking amazing, a model should be able to retain a specific pose for a period of time, without any difficulty.

So, how to become a body parts model?

If you have been told you have great looking feet, or amazing fingers, you may want to consider becoming a body parts model. You could put together a portfolio, showcasing your best assets and create an Instagram account where you add your best images and utilise relevant hashtags. If you have great feet and your name is Louise, call your account ‘LousieFootModel’ for instance. You should follow other people in the industry and engage (comment) with those that may help you progress further. When they see your comment, they will also see you are an aspiring or current foot model.

Although the above is a fairly simple process, it offers no guarantee of work. The better alternative, if you are serious about becoming a body parts model is to get signed by an agency.

There are quite a lot of specialist body parts model agencies out there, but our recommendation would be to try to get signed by a reputed and well-established agency.

A well-respected agency will be able to generate continuous assignments for the right body parts model as well as ensuring each model is looked after. BMA Hands is a division of BMA Models, an agency that has been operating for over 20 years. Our contacts within the industry are pretty much unrivalled.

We also deeply care for our models and their welfare. With one of our directors being a successful model in the past, we have good insight into a model’s needs and requirements. When you get signed by BMA Models, you automatically become part of the BMA Family – in short, we have your back! Offering continuous assignments and ensuring you are always considered in every way makes BMA Hands a really great choice for a body parts model agency.

Do you have what it takes? Do you want to join the BMA family? You can apply to be a body parts model here. We look forward to hearing from you!