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Why you need female body parts models

Why you need female body parts models

Body parts modelling is now HUGE! Photographers are always seeking the perfect shot and using a specific model with great hands, legs or feet can reduce the time spent trying to get that shot.

You see examples of this everywhere, everyday. Male and female body parts models are used for a variety of projects. Think beauty treatments and cosmetics for a start – Most advertising will include a perfect hand if nail varnish or hand cream is the product. The same applies to jewellery and watches. That advert for those gorgeous sandals definitely used a foot model and the billboard showing a hosiery brand utilised a leg model.

Body parts modelling mainly consist of hands, legs and feet, but the perfect torso or even mouth or eyes are in demand. Flick through the latest issue of Cosmo and see just how commonplace (and effective) body parts modelling really is.

So female body parts modelling is a fantastic niche for some models and can be their sole means of getting assignments. You might think that this type of modelling is a ‘breeze’ but it’s harder than it looks! A model may be required to hold a specific pose for a long period of time, so the photographer can get the shot needed. A professional body parts model will regularly hold these poses as a form of preparation and exercise.

The female body parts models take their occupation seriously, with a strict self care regime focusing on their specialist body part(s). A foot model would avoid heels and have regular pedicures.

A hand model will also have regular manicures and maybe wear gloves regardless of the weather to stop any accidental cuts, sun damage or just to retain moisturiser.

A female leg model will also take great care of her legs. Keeping them well toned is a must as is the avoidance of anything that may bruise.

A successful female body parts model will always obtain multiple assignments and should be building up a reputation of being great to work with and delivering the perfect shot in the minimum of takes.

The importance of specific body parts modelling cannot be underestimated. They are a very much required commodity in the modelling world and can make a very good living from their work.

If you are a photographer looking for fantastic female body parts models, please view our models. If you think you have what it takes to be a body parts model, male or female, we would love to hear from You!

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