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Why Use A Specialist Leg Model Agency?

Why Use A Specialist Leg Model Agency?

When it comes to getting the perfect shot, you are going to need many things coming together – correct lighting, an experienced and talented photographer, the right setting and, of course, the perfect model…

When it comes to models, the choice is huge. With that choice comes a difficult selection process, unless you target models that specialise in certain niches: For example, Plus size modelling will also require curvy models and although things are changing, those models wouldn’t necessarily be used on high fashion catwalks…

The same should apply to photographers and creative directors who are looking to create a specific shot, perhaps showcasing a specific product. Those catwalk queens might not be the best option for an assignment for a sandal company – the heels these models have to wear sometimes!

Instead, and more so in recent years, specialist body parts models are being utilised for achieving that perfect shot – Like the foot model that would have delivered the results required in example above.

Specialist leg models have unsurprisingly fantastic looking legs… They are employed to showcase products or clothing related to legs but can also include buttocks, ankles and feet.

Mostly involved in fashion and cosmetics, leg models are also employed in the fitness industry. Assignments can include commercial advertising for high street brands and catalogues. In the cosmetic sector, there is a regular and repeated request for professional female leg models to showcase moisturising creams and fake tans.

The fashion industry obviously uses a leg model to full extent. Think hosiery and skirts, lingerie and anything else that may involve a bum, leg, knee, ankle or foot.

Specialist Leg Model Agency

Um… That’s us! BMA Hands is a division of BMA Models, one of the UKs most established and respected modelling agencies. We excel in cultivating relationships within the industry and also with our own models.

When fresh assignments come in, we know exactly which model would be the right fit for the shot.

We have an extensive portfolio of specialist leg models that come with stacks of experience and professionalism. These two qualities will save photographers a lot of time and money – and the perfect shot can be realised.

Have you got legs the whole world needs to see? We would love to hear from you! Why not apply to join BMA Hands, the UK’s specialist Hand, Feet and Leg model agency today? Apply HERE.