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Want Perfect feet? Female Foot Models Share Their Tips!

Feet can sometimes be a little unsightly and some people can be pretty self-conscious about them. We say no, embrace your uniqueness!

There are a number of ways you can maximise your feet beauty – is that even a phrase? We asked some of our best female foot models to share their maintenance and beauty tips…

Heels are NOT your friends! If you want perfect, or better, looking feet you need to think about your footwear. All of our female foot models were unanimous about heels – keep for special events and occasions only. Strutting your stuff in Tesco is not the way to perfect feet… A shoe with an ankle strap may help to keep your foot in place (if you must wear heels). And the lower the heel, the better.

Oooh! New shoes? We all get a buzz from new footwear, but our female foot models advise caution and suggest minimal usage to begin with. Breaking new footwear in gently will help to avoid blisters and cuts from a new, more rigid shoe.

Get your feet measured – This is clearly important as a recent study showed that at least half of all women in the UK were wearing the wrong size shoes… That is mind-blowing (we’re off to Clarks right now). The wrong size shoe may result in poor posture, cuts and blisters.

Low cut socks ARE Your friends! A foot model avoids blisters like the plague – or foot fungus (we’re getting to that shortly… Yay!). A blister can delay an assignment and is not a great look, either in the foot modelling industry or not. Having a stash of low cut socks (loafer socks) in different colours can save the day. Popping a pair on can stop any blisters from forming.

Have a weekly foot care regime – Preferably after a long soak in a hot bath, give your feet at least a weekly once-over, exfoliating where required.

Moisturise… Often! Whenever we ask for model tips, we always hear ‘moisturise’. It’s pretty obvious, yes, but should be done as a minimum 3 times a week and preferably after each bath or shower. Some of our female foot models moisturise their feet nightly before bed, wearing cotton socks to protect their bed linen and let all that gooey goodness sink in to their feet.

Toe TLC – If possible, book a pedicure at least once a month. If you prefer an at-home pedicure, make sure when cutting your toe nails you do not cut straight across the front of the nail as this will leave sharp edges which may damage other toes. Instead contour each of your nails to the shape of corresponding toe. Cutting deep down the side of the nail could bring on ingrown toenails. Also, be cautious when pushing back cuticles because if you go too far, you could bring on a toe infection as there is an easier chance for bacteria to enter.

Ewww Fungus! Your feet inhabit a dark, warm and sometimes wet place. Your shoes can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so it is important that you keep your feet clean, that you dry thoroughly after washing and that you change your socks regularly. Foot model tip – use tea tree oil regularly on your feet and between toes to ward off any infections.

Fake tan – handle with care! We have all seen those patchy brown ankles, not the best look. If you are looking to use a fake tan, be extra careful around ankles and heels. Use Vaseline to cover these areas first. One of our female foot models applies fake tan everywhere else first and then uses whatever is left on the mitt for her feet.

If you need to, go see the Podiatrist – Don’t suffer in silence, if you have pain in your toes or feet, get it looked at – immediately. If it hurts, it’s most likely not going to go away. Always see a professional before a little niggle turns out to be a full-blown infection.

Our female foot models take great care of their assets, and it pays dividends. If you also have fantastic looking feet, you can apply to join our body parts modelling agency here.