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What is the best male hand model agency?

If you’re a man with great looking hands, congratulations (and we want to hear from you)! The daily rigours of life can put hands through testing times, so if you do have lovely hands, you are doing well.

What is a male hand model?

It’s simple really, a male model may be asked to pose for hand shots only. This is usually in the retail sector, advertising a product in use – and it most cases, that will involve the use of a hand. Hand modelling is a growing trend, with many creative directors and photographers requesting a model with perfect hands.

Some models are hand models exclusively, they do not take on other assignments, whereas some models will be available for any form of body part modelling as well as traditional modelling.

How do you become a male hand model?

First up, you have to have really good looking hands! It’s important that there is no visible scarring or surface damage. It is preferred that there are no blemishes or tattoos on hands, although there are niche requirements for some hand models with freckles or tattoos – but obviously, there are limits on how many assignments that may come through.

Perfectly manicured nails with half moon cuticles are the most requested form of male hand for modelling assignments, so it is important that you look after your assets. Get a professional manicure and keep those hands well moisturised (and avoid heavy lifting jobs where possible – or at worst, wear gloves for protection).

Invest in a good photographer and take some shots of your hands in various poses in various situations. You can then look for a reputable male hand model agency…

What is the best male hand model agency?

Good question – There are quite a few hand model specific agencies in the UK. It is important to go with an established agency. An established agency will have a long list of contacts within the modelling industry.

Connections to photographers and creative directors will have been formed over the years. This is so important, as a good agency will become the ‘go-to’ for those responsible for finding the right model for their specific assignment.

BMA Hands is an extension of BMA Models, an agency with a fantastic reputation within the modelling industry. BMA Models was established 38 years ago and contacts to build connections within the industry. One of our directors is a former model herself, which helps us look after our models with their best interests at heart.

We are very much a family at our hand modelling agency. If you are looking for the best male hand model agency, please consider BMA Hands. If you would like to join the BMA family, you can apply here.