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So You Want To Be A Hand Model? Some Things To Consider…

So You Want To Be A Hand Model? Some Things To Consider…

Hand models… They are EVERYWHERE! Take a look through any fashion magazine – or any magazine to be honest – and if you are looking for them, you will see them in plain sight. The use of the hand model has increased hugely in recent years. From cosmetics to fast food brands and everything in between, hand modelling has become an integral part of advertising campaigns.

Hand models obviously have great looking hands, but there is more to the role than meets the eye. If you would like to explore the possibility of becoming a hand model, here are some things you should consider…

A hand comes in many forms

And agents are aware of this and can book a model accordingly. A female hand model with long slender fingers and longer nails would be perfect for modelling jewellery, whereas a model with shorter nails and nude polish (Mum hands?) could be ideal for cooking and cleaning photo shoots.

A model with small hands could even be used for modelling toys – never work with animals or children… yep. Children do not have a great attention span when they have to sit still under lighting, so older models with smaller hands can be used.

Say goodbye to jewellery

Well maybe. Some hand models will not wear any kind of jewellery or watches as these can mark the skin. It might be worth suggesting this one to your spouse before ditching the bling though.

Say hello to gloves

Even in the height of Summer, some of our hand models will not leave the house without their gloves. Some actually will wear their gloves in the house – that’s dedication! An important tip is the use of cotton gloves at night. Slather on the moisturiser and glove up, it really does provide the moisture you need for soft supple skin.

Some chores are out

Wait… what?! You’re all excited now 😊 Yes, some models prefer to avoid anything that may harm the appearance of their hands, so no digging in the garden or even washing up the Sunday roast. You can do what you are comfortable with, or you could milk it – your call – but watch out if your spouse is already a little upset about the lack of jewellery, this could push them over the edge!

Exercise those fingers

A hand model may be expected to hold an item or a certain pose for a prolonged period. After a while the shakes are going to kick in, so it is important that hand models prepare as best they can. The best way to prepare is to exercise the hands, wrists and fingers daily. There are lots of exercises available online, but if you are signed to a hand modelling agency, ask them for any advice here.

Sound Good? Join Us!

We are always on the lookout for hand models, both male and female to join the BMA Family. BMA Hands is part of BMA Models, one of the most respected and well established agencies in the UK. If you have great looking hands and an attitude to match, we would like to hear from you. Apply to be a hand model by clicking the link.