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The 7 Steps To Becoming A Hand Model

The 7 Steps To Becoming A Hand Model

The rise of the hand model has been something of a phenomenon in the last decade. The need for shots with real close up detail has given rise to hand models becoming required and even sought after.

The great thing about being a hand model is that you do not have to fit into a typical models’ criteria. You could be under 5 foot and still make it as a hand model! The main thing agencies and creative directors care about is how your hands look.

Got great looking hands?

You’re probably far too modest to admit, but if your friends and fellow workers have ever commented on your hands, then maybe you should look at becoming a hand model. And if you want some tips on how to become a hand model, you are in the right place!

1) Take Care.

Your hands could be your gateway to an enjoyable and lucrative side hustle or even full time career. Get that manicure. And treat your hands with the respect they deserve. Apply moisturiser often, wear rubber gloves when washing up, wear cotton gloves after moisturising, avoid heavy use tasks… Just be sensible with what you do with your hands!

2) Take Photos.

It’s probably best to get a friend or family member to do this! Having shots of your hands is a good starting point, so you can review best angles and poses. Mix it up by holding different items and more awkward poses – You may be asked to hold a pose for a long time when professionally modelling, so get the practise in. You can also start building your portfolio (see below).

  1. Build A Portfolio.

Taking the best shots from the tip above will help you to build a portfolio of your hand shots. Include different angles and poses to demonstrate your versatility.

  1. Build Your Social Presence.

So now you have some great shots, get them on the Gram! Set up a dedicated model account, away from any private shots (no one needs to see what you ate last week) and add your images. Use hashtags and follow agencies and creative directors. It is normal for an agency to do their homework on a potential new signing and social media is their first port of call.

  1. Research Hand Modelling Agencies.

This is vital for success. Choosing the right agency will give you a better chance of repeat work. Look for an agency with experience in the industry and try to gauge what type of agency they are – you want a friendly professional vibe here.

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Bonus Tip! If you are lucky enough to get signed and are attending your first assignment, make sure you are punctual, well mannered, with a great attitude and a willingness to take direction – now take this ethos into every assignment from there on – it’s important and will be remembered, either way!