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Do you need to use a specialist hand model agency?

Do you need to use a specialist hand model agency?

What is a hand model?

Hand models are exactly and sometimes exclusively that – a hand model. Global cosmetics brands, for instance, will turn to a specialist hand model agency to market their products.

Sometimes hand models can be models with a petite frame and (in this industry) a lack of height. What all hand models have in common is perfect hands – slender, unblemished and cared for.

Why use a specialist hand model?

A hand model will have / should have good experience in holding poses for a prolonged amount of time. This may sound easy, but certain shots require certain angles which can cause strain.

A specialist hand model should be able to hold those poses for as long as is required.

What about other body parts?

There is a definite need for specialist body parts models – we know this based on the daily enquiries that come in from creative directors and photographers. Specialist foot models and specialist leg models are now becoming the norm.

Many photographers prefer a specialist body part model as the model is already aware of how to best showcase their hand / foot / leg, which allows a quicker shoot, saving time and money.

Why use a specialist hand model agency?

A reputable hand model agency will be able to recommend certain models for differing assignments. They should have plenty of experienced models on their books with fantastic assets.

By choosing a specialist hand model agency, the photographer or creative director will again save time as the agency will highlight the models that may be best suited to each assignment.

Which specialist hand model agency?

There are quite a few specialist agencies based in the UK and it is important to choose wisely here. BMA Hands is an extension of well established BMA Models. For over 2 decades we have worked hard to build relationships with photographers and creative directors as well as forming our large and looked after BMA family of models and agents.

When you choose BMA, you know that you are working with an agency that cares for both their models and their clients.

Do you want to be a specialist hand model?

If you have fantastic looking hands that are well looked after, with no scarring or blemishes, we want to hear from you.

Why not take a look at our application guidelines and apply to be a hand model with us today?