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Choosing the right foot modelling agency

‘Oooh, I love your feet! They are beautiful, perfect!’ Does this sound familiar to you? If you are blessed with great looking feet (we are very jealous!) you may want to consider putting your assets to work.

There is a huge demand for professional foot models – as well as other body parts, such as legs and hands – photographers and creative directors are on the look out for perfect male and female feet for shoe brand (sandals) photoshoots and footcare product images.

Creative directors and professional photographers will nearly always consult a specialist foot modelling agency when they require a model. If you want lots of repeat foot modelling work rather than the odd job here and there, you should consider joining a reputable model agency yourself.

How do you know which foot modelling agency to choose?

There are many specialist model agencies out there, so how can you be sure that the one you join will have your best interests at heart and also have the ability to send lots of assignments your way?

It is worth doing your homework and trying to get signed with one of the leaders in the industry. A well-established agency will come with well-established connections, which will lead to regular assignments on offer.

You can check social media channels to see how active each agency is – all agencies should be actively promoting all of their models, featuring their latest assignments and best shots. A little digging in the comments may reveal interaction with that particular model, which might give you an insight into model & agency relationships.

Why BMA are the right foot modelling agency for you

We truly believe in all of our models and care deeply for their welfare and success. When you become a BMA model, you also join the BMA family – we look after each other here and it works.

Being part of a wider family means you will be offered guidance and advice, if needed.

BMA Hands is part of BMA Models, which was established in 1983. We come with huge experience and an equally huge (and very positive) reputation within the industry.

Over the years we have connected and forged relationships with all the right contacts in the modelling industry. This generally means we always have a steady flow of assignments coming in on a daily basis.

Take the next step

If all the above sounds like the path you would like to walk – enough of the foot puns, sorry! – then why not apply to join the BMA Family today?

You can apply HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

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