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How to get legs like a female leg model!

Some of us are lucky and blessed with amazing looking legs genes… but most of us have to work to achieve the look of a female leg model. Here we highlight some tips on achieving those great looking legs and how to maintain your legs, so they look absolutely perfect.

Leg Based Exercises

The first factor is looking at the shape of your legs. A female leg model will work hard to achieve good muscle definition and toning. There are some really great exercises you can look at online but we also believe that alternating between leg and other exercises are key.

Alternating between leg exercises and other body areas will allow your legs to rest whilst you tone other areas of your body and reduce overall body mass, before smashing those leg exercises again – it is much more effective!

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

You should be mindful of over-exercising your legs (another good reason to alternate with other non-leg exercises). Although lunges and squats are perfect for toning and shaping, doing too many could actually bulk up your muscle mass – Ideally, you want slender and toned, not bulky and large.

When performing these exercises, do not add extra weight in the form of dumbbells or weights bars.

Using an overall lean body workout, you will be reducing overall body fat percentage whilst increasing your elevated heart rate which will tone your muscles. It is also important to factor in a nutrition plan to maximise your exercise returns.

Let’s Talk About Cellulite…

It doesn’t seem very fair, but women are likely to develop more cellulite than men due to larger fat cells (thanks Hormones). In fact, it is estimated that 80% to 90% of women will have cellulite.

Although there is no cure for this, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Elle list over 20 cellulite creams with positive Amazon reviews, so take a look – there must be some truth in these reviews!

Further research has shown that the appearance of cellulite can be reduced by up to 26% by body brushing and exfoliating, so make this part of your morning shower routine.

Swollen, Tired Legs?

A really good tip here is using some bath salts… Go for a brand that uses dead sea salts which will help draw toxins out of your legs. A 20-minute soak in the bath will leave you feeling relaxed and your legs will feel revitalised.

Shaving Is A Chore!

Yes, it is… but a successful female leg model will always have smooth hair free legs. Shaving can also strip your legs of their natural oils leaving them feeling sore and dry. A good option is to go for an IPL device. It will take about 30 minutes to do your legs but in just 6 weeks you may see a 90% reduction in hair. Continuous use will see your leg hair disappear – forever.

The One We Always Mention…

Yes, we have come this far and not mentioned how important it is to moisturise – for us, that’s pretty unbelievable! Although the cellulite creams mentioned above will have heavy moisture content, they should only be used in problem areas. For overall leg coverage, use a favourite moisturiser that works for you. Keeping your legs well moisturised is a great way to achieve the look of a female leg model.

It is important to apply moisturiser during key times, such as after a shower or bath, and after shaving. Make it part of your morning and evening routine – soft skin feels great and of course looks great too.

Do You Have Legs Like A Female Leg Model?

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