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What types of body parts models are there?

What types of body parts models are there?

A body parts model is someone who is employed for showcasing specific products, using specific parts of their bodies. With this in mind, there are numerous types of body parts models. Obvious examples would include hands being used for jewellery, legs for hosiery brands and feet for sandals.

The next time you are flicking through a magazine, look at the adverts – How many body parts models are you seeing now?!

Although hands, legs and feet are the most in demand, there are other requirements for other body parts for modelling assignments; these include eyes, lips, teeth and hair. There is also a demand for torsos, backs and even ears.

With the hands, legs and feet examples above it is easier to see how all these other body parts are being used in advertising – toothpaste adverts, hair care products, earrings and so on.

Who becomes a body parts model?

Sometimes all you need is to possess one fantastic looking body part to open the door to a successful modelling career. You need to know which doors to try and open and we cover that shortly. One thing you need to consider that it is not just having a great looking feature – you need to know how to ‘work it’.

For hand modelling you need to understand which is the best way to present your hand whilst holding a certain product, and you may be expected to hold that pose for hours… most hand models work on wrist and finger strengthening exercises for that exact reason.

Body parts model Requirements

Hands and feet may require the most care as they are subject to lives daily rigours. Nails should be well manicured, with half moon cuticles on show and both hands and feet should be well moisturised. A good set of wrists and ankles are also important here.

A leg model will work hard to ensure their legs are well toned without being overly muscular – which can be a fine line to walk – even with great legs… The leg model will also avoid bruising or cuts and nicks to their skin.

Similar to a leg model, a model that specialises in body shots will be well toned with good proportions and be completely blemish free.

Becoming a Parts Model

If you are interested in a possible career as a body parts model, it’s time to get evaluated. Get in touch with a reputable, professional body parts agency (hey, that’s us). We have experience, great contacts and direct connections to those that require constant body parts models. If we think you have fantastic hands, legs or feet (as well as any other body parts) we may sign you – and the adventure begins!

To kickstart your body parts modelling career, you can apply to join the BMA family. You will need to supply professional images so we can properly evaluate, and if we love what we see, we will be in touch!