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Male leg model: Have YOU got what it takes?

Male leg model: Have YOU got what it takes?

So you want to be a male leg model? It’s not just about damned sexy legs, although that obviously helps – a lot. Here’s our take on what you really need and how you may achieve the looks of a male leg model…

Let’s get back to those sexy legs…

If you get complimented on your legs often, this is a good sign. Your legs should be muscular (but not too muscular!) and well toned. They should also be not too hairy and free of blemishes.

Strike a pose – and hold it

A successful male leg model will be able to hold a specific pose for an uncomfortable period of time, to satisfy any photographers requirements. To do this, male leg models will have good overall strength and balance, from the core to the legs mainly. For this, practise and training is required.

A personal trainer will be able to advise on which exercises to focus on and the rest is up to you – hold that pose, and keep holding. Try this for numerous likely poses and you will have a far more successful assignment.

Get signed to a reputable body parts agency

You could have the best, most photogenic legs in the world, but if you are not part of a progressive model agency, you simply are not going to get any work. Align yourself with an agency that will look after you, secure bookings and network with you in mind.

How’s that attitude?

A successful male leg model will have an attitude that is geared to the team they work with, from the creative director through to the agency receptionist. Your ability and desire to work positively with all involved will not go unnoticed.

Male leg model: Have YOU got what it takes?

If you think yes, then we would like to hear from you. BMA Hands is part of well established and respected modelling agency BMA Models. With years of experience in the modelling industry and an unrivalled list of contacts, we could be a great fit.

You can apply to be a male leg model right now, just click the link and good luck!