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The Ultimate Skin Care Tips From A Body Parts Model!

The Ultimate Skin Care Tips From Body Parts Models!

It will come as no surprise that body parts models really look after their best assets, with some of the strictest, and effective, skincare regimes going. So what are their secrets? We asked all the important questions to one of our most successful body parts models, Nina Napoletano:

Firstly, how did you get into the body parts modelling industry?

To be honest, I started booking parts modelling jobs once I moved to London from NYC.  I’ve been modelling professionally for fourteen years. During that time frame I’ve worked on jewellery and commercial campaigns that focused just on hands. Now I do hands, feet, legs, arms, eyes, and lips. 

Can you describe your daily skincare routine, and what products do you use to keep your skin looking its best?

I have super sensitive skin. I suffered from horrible cystic acne in my 20s. I thought it was hormonal for many years. Turns out I am allergic to a few key ingredients found in a lot of skincare / make up products.

It’s taken me years of trial and error to figure out what works best for me. Right now I am bouncing between cleansing with Tula or Acure skincare. I then use Witch Hazel as a toner and spray myself with some rose water. From there I use Antipodes Vitamin C Serum. I then use Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum. Right now I am switching it up between Murads Nutrient-Charged Water Gel, Elemis pro collagen rose marine cream or Estee Lauder DayWear Moisturizer for moisturiser. Finishing with either Bliss Spa or La Roche-Posay SPF.

How do you maintain the appearance of your body parts, such as your hands or feet, for photoshoots or events?

Moisturise! I try to do at home spa days as much as possible. I tend to do my own mani/pedis always wearing nude or light pink shades because a job can happen at any moment with not a lot of turn around time to prep.

What are some common skincare mistakes that people make, and how can they avoid them?

Not wearing SPF. Not going to lie I was really naive about this up until a few years ago. I also think not cleansing your face properly.  Especially if you live in a city. One of the first things I do when I get home is wash my face and use a toner. It’s crazy to see how much gunk your face picks up throughout the day. I know doing a big 5-8 step skincare regimen becomes tiring everyday, if you don’t have the energy to do your full routine, definitely wash your face, tone, and moisturise!

Can you recommend any skincare products or treatments that you believe are particularly effective for maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin?

You can never go wrong with investing in some great skincare products. I love Elemis. I know they are in more of the expensive bracket but it’s worth investing in a good skincare regimen. Also treat yourself to bi monthly skincare facials. I haven’t broken into any light or laser therapy treatments yet. I tend to be boring and keep it as simple as I can. I do recommend buying a good steamer and steaming your face 1x a week. I also love doing nightly face/eye masks.

How do you ensure that you are taking care of your skin both internally (through diet and lifestyle) and externally (through skincare products and treatments)?

Everyone is different so it’s tough to say. I had really bad cystic acne in my 20s. I thought it was based on diet and hormones. I went vegan, gluten free, sugar free, caffeine free you name it. Turns out I was allergic to key ingredients in your everyday makeup and skincare. You just have to do what’s best for you and sometimes that takes a lot of trial and error.

One thing I will say I do religiously is drink water. I know I know everyone says they do that. But seriously I drink a 6 litre pack of water in 3 days. When I’m travelling or out of my routine I notice my skin gets really irritated, dry, dull, and wrinkly looking. I also invested in silk pillow cases which I love.

Can you talk about a time when you had to adapt your skincare routine or try new products to achieve a certain look or effect for a project?

Yes, when I was using Retin-A my god that was horrible. My skin ended up purging for almost two months. I also was following a trend a few years back and went and bought the Ordinary Blood Mask Peel. I thought I created a monster. My skin was not only purging but shedding off layers like a snake. I had to go super easy on my skin during that time. I did a lot of honey masks to calm down the irritation.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest skincare trends and products, and what resources do you rely on for information?

I don’t think I am up to date with the latest trends to be honest. I tend to find out about them months later haha. If I am curious or looking for something I just google and read articles on anything that is trending. Of course there is Instagram, I think I go down the rabbit hole watching reels. When I am back home in NY visiting I tend to spend hours in Sephora going through and shopping all the products.

What advice do you have for people who want to improve the appearance and health of their skin?

Invest in getting monthly facials if you can. If you can’t afford that, do at home spa days. Steam your face and put on a good mask. Try and keep/ create a skincare routine with some good products. Look into procedures that best suit you. Do a lot of research and read tons of reviews. Make sure you aren’t following a trend. How my skin reacts could be different to how yours does to a product or skin procedure.

Can you share any tips or tricks for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin on different body parts, such as the hands, feet, or neck?

It’s simple, really be cautious of your hands when you are cooking. I have burnt and cut my fingers so many times that could have been easily avoided. Just silly mistakes not wearing a cook glove or rubber gloves doing dishes. Don’t wear too tight or narrow shoes. Blisters take ages to heal and the redness doesn’t look good on camera. Always cleanse, moisturise and use SPF on your neck!

Thanks Nina!

The above could be classed as seriously useful info! If you are looking to get into body parts modelling, we would love to hear from you. You can apply to join the BMA family of body parts models here… what are you waiting for?!